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Organize Your Mind
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Margaret Moore

(Coach Meg)

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Paul Hammerness


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The frenetic, demanding, and complex lives we lead require us to be highly organized. We have to find focus in order to get ahead at work; keep track of our kids’ busy schedules; manage the household; maintain friendships; study; stay current with the latest technologies; keep up with our constant data streams; and maintain healthy diet and exercise regimens. (Throw a medical problem, or caring for aging parents, into the mix, and things get really interesting.)

Some people thrive under pressure. The rest of us find ourselves in a perpetual state of distraction, frustration, stress and overwhelm—all symptoms of a disorganized mind.

What are other symptoms? Difficulty getting things done, poor concentration, absent-mindedness, chronic lateness, becoming easily distracted, a cluttered home or workspace, forgetting appointments, poor memory, stress-related illness, unfulfilled relationships, and missed opportunities.

Psychiatrist Paul Hammerness, and executive wellness coach Margaret Moore (aka Coach Meg), have teamed up in a unique physician-coach partnership—a new concept in personal well being, and the way of the future—to educate us and offer solutions.

Dr. Paul has developed six principles, or "Rules of Order," based on the latest neuroscience, for changing our mindsets—how we think and feel. And Coach Meg shows us how to integrate each of these organizing principles into our lives by motivating and guiding us to change what we do.

A potent tool for making lasting change—and the expert guidance of two respected specialists in their fields—it’s a powerful combination that’s sure to help the disorganized among us gain clarity of thought and conquer the chaos.


Tame your frenzy: Stay calm rather than let negative emotions and static impair your concentration

Sustain attention: Mindfully focus on a task and maintain that focus to make progress that has traction

Apply the brakes:
Use distractions wisely, and prevent them from hijacking focus, or use them as a valuable side-trip or break

Mold information: Evaluate and retain information as working memory to fuel creative shifts and connections

Shift sets: Develop "cognitive flexibility;" lift your feet off the ground and make new connections and insights

Connect the dots: Harness creative insights and connections and get yourself to the big picture